April 8, 2009.
The Salt Cracker
INDIAN 741, 600cc Metanol-fueled, Supercharged, Bonneville Land Speed Record Special. 
A Build Diary.

Welcome to the Salt Cracker build diary.

You are hereby invited to follow the build, the testing and, if the gods of speed show mercy on my bike and my poor soul, the completion of the run at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trails at Bonneville Salt Flats in August this year.

Bonneville, the great white salt desert, the mythic eldorado for semi-crazed speed freaks of all persuasions. As the caption reads on one of the participating bikes: ”Bonneville! Balls Bigger than our Brains”.

Now that you know what this is all about, let me get to the most important issue in this introduction to the project:

From the bottom of my heart, and with humble gratitude I'd like to profoundly thank the following great individuals, without whom this project would never ever have had a snowman's chance in hell to become a reality: 

Rocky of Dream Catcher streamliner fame, and his brilliantly friendly crew who accepted me as crew member at last years BUB Bonneville event and sparked my hidden inner Indian .-) Thanks Rocky, thanks guys!

Moen for immeasurable help, encouragement and willingness to patiently share his encyclopedic knowledge of all things mechanic in general, and Indian-related in particular. Thanks Moen!

Kenneth, the brilliant Jack of All Fabricating Trades, who at an early stage offered to spend a great chunk (and then some) of of his spare time helping me out, doing all the stuff I'm just to plain dumb to do; aluminum welding, fabricating stuff on the lathe and on the mill. If I was able to pay the guy for what his work is worth he would be a rich man by now. Thanks Kenneth!

Over the course of time leading up to the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trails I'll post progress and updates following the build of the bike, which at the moment (beginning of April, 2009 - see pix) is in a state of ”advanced mock-up”, and I'll look back a the trials and tribulations, the victories and the downright idiocy, that has lead to this present stage:

A short introduction: My name is Lars Nielsen. I am a Danish Dane living in Denmark. Been messing with engine driven two and four-wheelers for more than 35 years. I have built and currently run a mildly tuned 650cc pre-unit 1954 BSA Cafe Racer, a slightly modified six-cylinder 1979 Honda CBX1000 Supersport, a Supercharged 1976 Honda GL1000 -and a bunch of other bikes.

Feel free to contact me regarding this project via email: nielsenpost@sol.dk
Friendy, qualified advice and large sponsorship checks welcome! :-)

Please bear in mind that I am NOT an Indian expert, so please address general Indian questions to info@indianpartseurope.com



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Indian Land Speed Racing Reading on the VI:
The Shop's Chief goes 126 MPH.
RF & Ron's LSR Chout.
Indian LSR in 2007.
Dream Catcher at Bonneville 2008.



If you wish to support the endeavour and look flippin' cool doing it (I think that's what they call a pure win-win situation ...ha ha) please buy a "Salt Cracker Race Crew" T-shirt. Comes in two varieties: Red/Black: good quality 100% cotton, pre-shrunk.

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Both come in these sizes: Small / Medium / Large / XX-Large. They are on the smallish side, for their sizes.

 Each can be yours for the modest sum of 20 Euros or $30US by PayPal. Air mail is 5 Euros (Europe) and $8US (rest of world). 

Contact me with your  requirements, or for a friendly postage quote if you want more than one shirt.

Ordering, questions and PayPal: nielsenpost@sol.dk


If you wish to support the Rockys Dream Catcher crew and looking flippin' cool doing that (again; that's gotta be a pure win-win situation) you can buy a Dream Catcher T-shirt for the modest sum of 20 Euros or $30US by PayPal. Good quality, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, sizes from S to XXL. Comes in (salt-)white with (Bonneville sky-)blue sleves! Thanks to The James for modeling!

Thanks to The James for modeling!

Air mail is 5 Euros (Europe) and $8US (rest of world). Contact me with your requirements, or for a friendly postage quote if you want more than one shirt. 

Ordering, questions and PayPal: nielsenpost@sol.dk


Main Salt Cracker page with latest update here.

For more information, tips and advice, and offers of help or sponsorship, 

contact Lars on nielsenpost@sol.dk