Linkert M741 carb
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Linkert M741. Beautiful mellowed bronze :-)

There is almost no wear where the throttle disc closes, the ring is mostly miscoloration of the bronze material.
The disc shouldn't actually touch the wall of the carb throat between the two small idle transition holes, but most have done so in their life, maybe because of sloppy parts.

I will include a better set of manifold screws!
And a modern float. The lever and needle/seat are in the float bowl.

Nice float bowl stem threads. Needles look OK too, but examine carefully; sometimes new needles can be made and used with the original knobs.
New needles are also available if needed, and so are just about all other Linkert parts.

Choke disc.

Idle lever and associated parts.

Choke lever and associated parts.

I have just about all Linkert parts new, much of it usually in stock.
The picture shows parts for a crazy double-Linkert installation!

If you don't have it, get Victory Library's Linkert book!