1941-53 handlebar control sleeves - throttle and ignition.
Click for bigger pictures.

Handlebar control sleeves with internal spirals and threaded collars.
All models 1941-53. My guess is that these left the Wigwam on either a 741 or a military 340 Chief, but that is just a guess.

Note that when the factory made the control sleeves longer for 1941, the spirals inside stayed in the same place, so - while I don't remember having specifically tried it - I am pretty sure that you can use late control sleeves on early handlebars and the other way around. Maybe you need to cut the extra length off the late sleeves, or the ends of the early handlebars, but I don't think so.

They look pretty bad in the pictures, but will clean up nicely.
And, while they are available new in good quality, these are cool old original Indian parts made in the Indian factory (the Wigwam). You can't beat that!

New rubber grips included; I don't have any old ones!

Threads in sleeves look good - and do in fact screw nicely onto my test piece for this.
I forgot to take a pic of it, but the test piece is one of the threaded collars that is brazed onto all Indian handlebars.

Like here.

Threaded collar to the right in this pic of new late 1920s handlebar parts, including a shorter 1940 and earlier sleeve, mentioned on the Original Parts page.
I used to have these collars new as handlebar repair parts, but only have one left; which I use as a test piece.
I have test pieces for many parts so I can check new parts for fit :-)

I have just about all handlebar control related parts new, most of it usually in stock.
Here the parts selection includes a longer 1941-53 sleeve like on the original twist grips this page is about.