1920s "Big X" Excelsior manifold.
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1920s Excelsior manifold in fair condition for its 100 years!

I think it is for a ~1921 "Big X" model, but not sure of the details here (see photo bottom of page).
Anyone with knowledge of Excelsiors are welcome to educate me so I can put useful info on this page for anyone looking for one of these manifolds.

The manifold body is not magnetic, and my guess is that it is a bronze casting.
It looks like it was originally nickel plated, but - for corrosion protection - that shouldn't be strictly necessary as bare bronze just becomes nicer looking as it ages.
The nuts are magnetic and made of steel.

These manifolds seem to use sealing cones like Indians (I haven't removed the nuts to look).

A little cleaning up in a lathe looks like a good idea before new PEEK sealing cones are made.
We can discuss this.
I am going to write about PEEK on the new website at some point, but here is a little about it from the old website.

Here is the only picture I culd find of what looks like this manifold on a bike (pic stolen from the internet many years ago - sorry, unknown photographer!).
I think it is a 1921 "Big X" model, but could very well be wrong about that, not knowing much about Excelsiors.