Schebler DLX51 carb for 1928-30 Model GP 45"/750cc 101
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Schebler DLX51 for 1928-30GP 101.

There is no wear where the throttle disc closes which is unusually nice.
The disc shouldn't actually touch the wall of the carb throat between the two small idle transition holes, but most have done so in their life, maybe because of sloppy parts.
You can see that the two idle transition holes are different sizes. This is the main difference between the bodies of the DLX51 and the DLX50 for 37" (600cc) 101 where the two holes are the same size.

Nice original parts :-) Including the original bronze float bowl. Aluminium Linkert bowls can be used but bronze is way cooler.
I don't have modern foam floats for Scheblers any more, but they are available from many sources now.

Really nice float bowl stem threads. These are often very bad on old Scheblers.
Nedle and seat look good too, but examine needle carefully for wear on the tip.

Stem thread looks goo here too. I didn't clean anything and the threads will look even better when you do (or ask and I can do it and take a new pic).
Choke lever, needle etc look good too.

See also new DL51 Schebler air cleaners on the Special Offers page. Screws not in the picture but I will include a set of new screws with the air cleaners.

Victory Library's Linkert book is also useful for Scheblers.