Indian 27C39X brake pedal for many models 1927-39.
Click for bigger pictures.

Harsh lighting makes what I believe is original factory paint clearer amid the dirt I didn't clean off.
Even if the paint may not be factory original (hard to be sure) it is old and deserves a little respect :-)

Nut (and washer?) and bolt look original too.
Bolt is worn from many years of happy braking!

If I were to fix it (I may do that if I get to it before someone buys the pedal), I would turn down the bolt and make a sleeve for a snug fit in the pedal bore - which may also need a little work to clean up back to round.

I will find a grease nipple for the bolt. Either Alemite (used to around 1937, I think) or Zerk (from about 1938) as the new owner prefers.

Used on the following Indian models, that I have found in the books so far:
* Scout 1927.
* 101 1928-31.
* Prince - not sure what years, but if I find a Prince parts book showing all years I will make an update here.
* Pony Scout.
* Motoplane.
* Junior Scout to 1939.
* Four from the 401 in 1928 up to and including the 1936 model.
* Sport Scout from 1934-39.