1928-31 Indian 101 Scout Primary drive gears
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33T - 36T and 84T gears for 1928-31 101 Scout.
1920-27 Scout used 30T - 40T and 77T gears.
The intermediate gear may need a custom bearing race and thrust washers, like other gears so long after they were made. I don't have these parts any more (or much in the way of 101 parts generally), so talk to your machinist and wherever you get new 101 parts from. The rest of the parts for the intermediate gear - and the clutch for that matter - are freely available.
I have pretty much all the clutch parts new, and it may make sense to send them together with the gears if you are starting your 101 project with nothing.

The threads on the six studs for the clutch spring plate don't look so good in the first picture.
I ran a 5/16"-24 thread die (one of the round adjustable ones, adjusted to cut as little as possible) over them, and the six nuts spin on easily with finger pressure.

Big nut (and lock washer - see clutch parts on New Parts page; both these parts were unchanged from 1920-53) fits nicely on threads.
You will probably need a new bushing, but otherwise the clutch gear should be good to go after cleaning.