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This page shows a few of our new parts to give you an idea about what IPE's all about. There's lots more on the rest of the IPE website, so take your time to look everything over.  Updated November 20 2001
Rolling Chassis for 101 Scout from Hecker101

Just add engine...

Complete 101 Rolling Chassis! - Click to view full sizeHere's the first shot of the Hecker101 rolling chassis! A few parts are missing in the photo (chain guard for one), but we have everything in stock, and the rolling chassis comes completely equipped, except for speedometer. The engine in the photo is just a dummy, but we can supply as-new engines for 101 and earlier Scouts. Basically all moving parts (with a few exceptions) are new in these engines. Price depends on specification.
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 Kiwi's new all-reproduction Chief Engine

Available in 74", 80" and 84". Assembled, in kit form or every part separately. 

Complete transmissions and all parts also available.


Kiwi Chief Engine - Click to view full size Kiwi's new all-reproduction Chief engine is ready. Read more about the first new Indian engine since 1953 here!

This engine went the whole 6000+ Km Century Ride Home without missing a beat, so it is clear that the Kiwi Indian team did their homework before declaring it ready for sale. We don't have one here in Europe yet, but we're standing by to take your order :-)

Kiwi Engine Cases - Click to view full size New engine cases are also available. These cases are absolutely state of the art. Casting patterns created on CAD/CAM machinery, T6 heat treated 356 aluminum and CNC machining assures cases that are a lot stronger than the originals. The cases come with matched 1948-53 style cam cover. More here
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New 1936-39 rigid Chief frames from Hecker101


New rigid Chief frame! - Click to view full size Here is the first new reproduction 1939 Chief frame! This a faithful replica of the original frame like the other Hecker101 frames. We are working on a 'New Chief' price list, with forks, wheels, sheet metal etc. Sort of a 'Bike in a Box' concept. It will probably take another month or so before that's done.  Contact us if you're interested in a new Chief frame (or a complete new Chief...)
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Electronic Ignition kits for distributor models

Euro 200, - 
DKK 1500, -

Fits all distributor ignition V-twins. Retains manual advance. Works with 6 or 12V and stock coil. 'EasyTiming' LED. All-Aluminum construction. Accurate ignition timing on both cylinders due to no wearing parts. Very reliable but you can re-fit points in minutes in an emergency sitation. What more could you ask for? :-)

The ever-popular IPE electronic ignition kit still sells for Euro 200 or DKK 1500.

The kit replaces your points and drops into the stock distributor in minutes. Works with stock coil and 6V or 12V. Everything fits in the distributor (no 'black box') and retains the manual advance.. 

Fitting instructions here.

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101 Cams & Timing Gears

Complete set of cams, shafts and gears (including magneto drive)

Adjusting screws and locknuts ready very soon.

101 Cams and Gears - Click to view full size The Hecker101 CAMS1 kit includes pinion gear, cams with gears, shafts with drive for oil pump, intermediate gears and shafts, and even magneto gear!
101 Pushrods and Guides - Click to view full size Pushrods and pushrod guides for 101 Scout will also fit earlier Scout models. Adjusting screws and locknuts soon.
101 Cams and Gears - Click to view full size Looks pretty good, huh? 
It is now possible to replace worn-out cams and timing gears for quiet running and restored performance.
101 Cams and Gears - Click to view full size
Quality Made in Germany!
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Cylinders and Heads for 101 and earlier Scouts Greg Hutchinson 600cc Scout cylinders and heads, click to enlarge photoIPE has cylinders, heads and other parts for 101 and earlier Scouts. 
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Leafspring forks for all models from Powerplus to 1944 Chief


Powerplus Forks - Click to view full size 101 Scout Forks - Click to view full size Chief Forks - Click to view full size In addition to the well-known forks for 101 Scouts, the Hecker101 range of forks now include Powerplus, early Scout and all three Chief versions from 1922 to 1944! That includes the 1936-39 fork to go with the new Chief frames... Ace forks will come soon. 
All forks are top quality with heat treated ChroMo steel parts where others might have used cheaper and less safe materials. 
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Billet Flywheels for Scouts

For 101 shafts etc see the Hecker101 section

For 741/Sport Scout shafts etc see the Kiwi section.

For Chiefs we have Kiwi's fine flywheels, heavy duty H-profile rods and complete lower end kits!

Click for Pic 1  Pic 2

Kiwi Flywheels and Rods - Click to view full size
The first ten sets of 45" Scout wheels have been sold and fitted, and the next batch is ready any day now. These wheels are primarily meant as a high quality replacement for the fragile "peace sign" open flywheels of the 101 and early Scouts, but can be used for 'stroking' 37"/600cc Scouts to 42"/680cc with special pistons.

The wheels are super accurate and pre-balanced. Made in Denmark from high grade steel on the most advanced CNC machining and spark erosion equipment available anywhere. 

We can supply different strokes to special order (i.e. to stroke 37"/600cc Scouts to 45"/750cc, or 45"/750cc Scouts to 52"/850cc) and upgraded steel (extremely high strength tool steel if you want to go top fuel drag racing!). We can also supply the flywheels with shaft tapers and keyways to fit 741/Sport Scout (stock or optional stroke) using stock shafts. 

Coming Soon: Neat thrust washer kit to enable cheap & reliable HD 45" rods to be used with these flywheels as well as with stock 101 and Sport Scout wheels.

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Rolling Chassis for 401 from Hecker101

Coming Soon

Photo by Marcin of Oldtimer Club Poland 'Spy shot' from the 2001 International Indian Rally in Zeddam, Holland. Here we see the almost ready 401 rolling chassis from Hecker101. The first rolling chassis has been ordered by a well-known figure on the Northern California Indian Scene. 
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Complete Wheels for 101 Scout

All parts interchange with original parts (no, they don't have metric threads just because they are Made in Europe!) :-)

101 Front Wheel - Click to view full sizeWe now have complete front- and rear wheels for 101 Scout from Hecker101! -Rims, spokes, hubs, brake parts, axles, bearings and all other 101 wheel parts available separately:
Hecker101 Front Wheel Group
Hecker101 Rear Wheel Group.

Wheel Rims - Click to view full size Authentic profile 18" rims

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