-IPE Electronic Ignition Kit - Click to enlarge
Why fit IPE electronic igntion?

* Accurate Timing on Both Cylinders for Easier Starting and Smoother Running

* Fits all Distributor V-Twin Indians
* Fits Inside the Distributor 
- no 'black box'
* All-Aluminum Construction and Solid State Electronics
* Retains Manual Advance
* Uses Stock Coil
* Runs on 6 or 12 volts
* Easy-Time LED
* High Quality - Low Price
* Full Spares Backup 
(should you ever need it)
Kit contains:

¤ Magnetic rotor
¤ Plate with sensor
¤ M2.5 allen key
¤ Wiring terminals
¤ Heat shrink flex
¤ Wiring flex
¤ Ground wire

In addition to your usual "Indian" hand tools, you may need:

¤ Optional Loctite for screws

IPE Electronic Ignition Kit

The IPE Electronic Ignition Kit is a self contained electronic ignition system for all Indian V-twins with distributor ignition. It replaces the points and condenser (you can leave the condensor on for stock looks) with a new 'points plate' carrying a solid state sensor + a rotor carrying trigger magnets. The system retains manual advance and distributed firing (using the stock hammerhead rotor). The system operates on either 6 or 12 volts, and you can use your stock coil or most other coils. The system has been tested extensively with 100% reliability, but for peace of mind you can keep a set of points and a condenser in your toolbox and re-fit these parts on the road in minutes in an emergency.

Fitting instructions

1) Remove distributor cap and rotor. Remove points and disconnect (or remove) condenser. Remove wire leading from the negative side ('Dist' on stock coil) of the ignition coil to the points. Remove terminal post screw from distributor body.

2) Make sure your distributor is in good condition. The kit is a great fix for worn points cams, but worn out distributor shaft bushings etc won't help...

3) Mount new 'points plate' in distributor body using the original screws.

4) Pull new wires through wire hole in distributor body. Fit flex over wires.

5) Slip new rotor over points cam with punch mark centered over small cam lobe, and "V" mark (this is over the trigger magnet for the front cylinder) pointing at the sensor. Tighten the 3 set screws evenly, using M2.5 allen key, supplied with kit, so the rotor runs concentrically with points cam shaft. Using a drop of Loctite here is a good idea.

6) Connect red wire to positive side of coil ('Bat' on original coil) and the green wire to the negative side of the coil ('Dist'). Wiring terminals for crimping and soldering, and heat shrink flex, are included in kit.

7) It is a good idea to fit a ground wire between the distribitor body and some suitable point on the engine (cloth-covered wire and terminals included in kit). The electrical ground connection between the distributor and the rest of the engine, through the bushing in the oil pump in which the distributor is mounted, is marginal. If the ground fails at the same time as the coil fires, the ignition sensor may be overloaded and damaged. In any case, bad electrical ground here will lead to erratic running.

8) Time ignition as usual. The green 'Easy-Time' LED on the sensor lights up as the ignition fires.

9) Refit hammerhead rotor and distributor cap.

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