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About me:

I am Steen Tonnesen, universally called Moen. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a mechanical engineer by education, and generally tend to think as one (although I ocasionally read books that are not about tech stuff!). 

I am 62 years old. For the last 40+ of these my life has revolved around old motorcycles. Indians to the fore, of course, as this is my chosen field of work, but my tastes in old bikes are wide and varied.

When I was a kid, the first books that made an impression on me (we didn't get a TV until the first moon landing in 1969, which my parents forced me to stay awake to watch; I appreciate that now) were a handbook in archeology, a big illustrated three volume work on the birds of Denmark, one about the modern - around 1960 - wonders of engineering (big suspension bridges and such) and a Danish version (Carl Barks' Donald Duck had a big philosophical influence on most of the postwar generation here) of the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook. 

About IPE:

IPE supplies advice, help, new high-quality parts, and occasionally machining services, to owners of old Indians all over the world, and has been doing it for 25 years so far.

IPE is a small one-man business with limited resources but a serious attitude toward making Indians run as they should. I care about your Indian project.

Advice. I spend a lot of time on email correspondance with people who are either considering getting an old indian, or already have one. In the latter case, the discourse is generally on how to best go about bringing your Indian back to its former glory

No matter in which category it falls, I hugely enjoy this contact with interesting and friendly enthusiasts from almost any country you could think of. Addiction to old bikes knows no borders!

Help. So, if there is anything you are not sure of with your Indian, if you want to make it work better but aren't sure how, or if you are dreaming about an Indian of your own but have no idea where to start - email me for a friendly (and, I must admit, at times lengthy; just tell me to shut up before your head explodes!) discussion of the options.

Note 2023: I really need to make a new version of this page, but for now have just changed a few details.

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Me and 1934 Sport Scout. Photo by Niels A.

Somehow, it seems that all of this - after many detours - has coalesced into what and where I am now. Maybe it all makes some sort of sense? Archeology/old Indians, birds/the feeling of flying on a motorcycle and the way you are part of nature on one, the engineering is kinda obvious, and clever tricks to keep old bikes running!

I am poor (selling Indian parts, surprisingly, isn't a very good way to get rich; at least not the way I am doing it) but generally quite happy. I feel privileged to be able to spend my time, in a modest but worthwhile way, contributing to our shared heritage of old motorcycles.

I try to push the boundaries a bit when I can, helping advance the state of the art. Both with smaller things like Scout stroker kits and CV manifolds, and bigger ones like the world's first 99% new Chief.

I am honored to be able to help a small group of Indian racers with advice and parts. It is good to see the ingenuity and hard work these fabulous people put into making Indians go faster, and great fun to be a small part of it.

Besides IPE, I run the Virtual Indian website and help keep the VI mailing list running. The annual VI Christmas Special issue is one of the best places - on the internet or in print - to read good Indian stories.

The VI mailing list has turned into the most important Indian forum on the internet, and has "everybody" in the Indian world on it, including hundreds of Indian enthusiasts from all over the globe. It is a great place for keeping in touch with what's happening around Indians, and for getting help with your Indian problems. Not much of this is really down to me, but it is an important part of my life to help keep it going.

Click to go to the VI website

Parts. IPE has a growing range of parts you won't find anywhere else. In addition to these, I can supply just about anything you may ever need for your late 1930's-up Chief, 741, Sport Scout and 101 Scout - and many parts for other models. I do my very best to ensure that every part I send out is the best it can be. IPE generally supplies new parts only, although I can occasionaly help with used ones too.

I may not always have everything in stock (parts critical to keeping your Indian running are usually in stock all the time, though). Some parts are made to order, or in small production runs. So it pays to plan your rebuild and begin discussion of your needs as soon as you can. 

I have plans for a complete list of all parts on the website - sorry this is taking so long; ask if you need anything you don't see here yet - but you probably won't ever see an automatic "shopping basket" system. In many cases we need to talk about what is best and, in any case, this stuff deserves a personal touch.

Machining services. IPE also did (as of 2023 machining and engine work has been suspended) quality engine related machining work. The basic geometry of the cases, flywheels, rods and cylinders must be right, or your engine will never work as it should, no matter how many new parts are thrown at it. 

Most of this means precision machine work, and is not something you can really do at home on the kitchen table or in the shed. 

It is also not something most general machine shops can do, unless they have experience with Indian engines and a number of special machine tools. So, whatever you do, make sure the machine work on your engine is done by someone who understands Indian engines and has the tools and machinery to do it right.

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Parts! New Chief forks are now available to order. Frames not so much since others are now making them. More about this soon.

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Fresh Chief engine with Dell'Orto carb and non-standard timing hole (with matching new flywheel timing mark), so you can actually see where you are when adjusting the ignition. Yes, the front engine mounts are the wrong way around for a Chief frame, but this engine is going into a Chout. The air cleaner adapter on the carb is still raw, waiting to be cut down to match a small custom air cleaner and have the air entry rounded off.

IPE does not do complete restorations, chassis work, paint jobs or anything like that. There are other people out there who are much better at this. 

However, if you get stuck with your Indian project, for one reason or another, feel free to email me and I will do what I can to help.

If you feel confident handling the main part of your own engine rebuild, IPE - and the ace machinist I have helping me - can help with sub assemblies like rebuilding crank cases, connecting rods, flywheels, cylinders, repair work like welding, etc. Quite a few customers I have "talked through" their first engine rebuild, often doing some of the more hardcore machining jobs here, with them doing what they are comfortable with. 

I actually try to avoid taking on complete engine rebuilds. It takes a lot of time to do right and tends to get really expensive, and there is a lot of fun and education for you in doing what you can yourself.  I am always just an email away if you need any advice or help. 

Email me if you need any parts or machining services for your Indian, if you are not sure what you need, or for advice before starting an engine rebuild. Or even before buying your first Indian. 

Actually, just email me if there is anything Indian related you have a question about. It is better to ask one time too many than one too few.


Update March 2024 Please go to the new IPE website: indianpartseurope.com